¡Welcome to AIB!

Academia Internacional Boquete gives you a warm welcome to our institution.

In AIB it is of the utmost importance to provide our kids with a safe, enjoyable learning environment where they can explore, challenge their intellectual boundaries, and reach their full pontential. We believe that with a shared effort between parents, teachers and students we can reach our objetives.

  • Admissions for 2016 are conditioned by the final grades of the present term. In order to be admitted, a student must have an average grade of 3.5 and “B” or 4.0 in discipline.
  •  If an installment has been paid and the student is not admitted, the school will reimburse such payment.
  •  If for any reason the parent or guardian of the student is in disagreement with this policy, any installments will be equally reimbursed.

We hope you find this information useful, as it is our intention to make your transition to AIB a positive experience. Do not hesitate in contacting us if you have any questions.

For more information on costs and fees, please  CLICK HERE

Documents and requirements:

Pre School

  •  Two (2) passport sized photos.
  •  Original birth certificate (if Panamanian) or a notarized passport if foreign citizen.
  •  Health certificate.
  •  Copy of the vaccination records.


Elementary level – Secondary School

  •  ​All the requirements for Preschool.
  •  Psychological test conducted at least three months before by an accredited independent psychologist.
  •  Copy of the last grade report.
  •  Cumulative credits.
  •  Good conduct letter from the school the student comes from.
  • Release authorization.
  • Proof of financial good standing with the previous institution.